Responsibility Outcome 3 (R3): Civic and Environmental Issues

R3 Courses

AIS 343Contemporary American Indian Communities3
BIOL 104Marine Biology3
BIOL 180Environmental Biology and Conservation3
BIOL 183Ecology of Sustainable Food Systems3
CHEM 100Chemistry: Issues and Answers3
CHEM 127Chemistry and Climate3
CHEM 304Environmental Chemistry3
CJ 207Introduction to Rhetoric and Society3
CJ 301Intercultural Communication3
CJ 307Small Group Communication3
CJ 318Topics in Communication and Social Advocacy3
CJ 413Media Law and Ethics3
CSD 150Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders3
ENGL 212Histories and Theories of Rhetoric3
ENGL 316Rhetorics of Social Justice3
ENPH 110Introduction to Environmental Health3
ENPH 150Disease Detectives: Epidemics and Data3
ENV 101Sustainability Basics and Beyond4
ENV 140Water Problems, Water Solutions3
ENV 310Sustainable Cities3
ENV 330Waste & Society: Energy, Food, and Efficiency3
ENV 377U.S. Environmental and Sustainability Policy3
ENV 378International Environmental Problems and Policy3
GEOG 270Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning3
GEOG 354Sustainable Placemaking and Community3
GEOG 377U.S. Environmental and Sustainability Policy3
GEOG 378International Environmental Problems and Policy3
GEOL 115Environmental Geology4
GEOL 201Geology of Our National Parks and Monuments2
GEOL 204Understanding Earth's Environment3
GEOL 301Earth Resources and Sustainability3
GEOL 304Global Environmental Change3
GEOL 308Water Resources3
HCAD 201Overview of the U.S. Health Care System3
HCAD 222Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging3
HIST 386Introduction to Public History3
HIST 401Public History in Great Britain3
HNRS 124Honors Colloquium in Social Science and Civic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 184Honors Colloquium in EDI with Civic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 187Honors Colloquium in Global Perspective with Civic and Environmental Issues3-4
HNRS 189Honors Colloquium in Civic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 190Honors Colloquium in Civic, Social and Environmental Responsibility with Integration3-4
HNRS 314Honors Colloquium in Natural Science with Civic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 324Honors Colloquium in Social Science with Civic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 334Honors Colloquium in Humanities and Civic, Social and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 387Honors Colloquium in Global Perspective with Civic and Environmental Issues3-4
HNRS 389Honors Colloquium in Civic and Environmental Issues3-4
LAS 324Latinx Health and Migration to the U.S.3
LS 201Introductory Liberal Studies Seminar3
MATH 108Earth Algebra4
MUSI 133The Healing Art of Music3
MUSI 233Dance and Relaxation Neuromedical Applications3
MUSI 333Influence of Music on Behavior3
PHIL 120Ethical Reasoning3
PHIL 306Ethics of Health Care3
PHIL 310Philosophy of Law3
PHIL 320Environmental Ethics3
PHYS 205Physics of Renewable Energy4
POLS 110American National Politics3
POLS 217Freedom of Speech3
POLS 305Survey of U.S. Constitutional Principles3
POLS 340Congress and the Presidency3
PSYC 286Understanding Suicide3
SEIP 200Introduction to Diverse Learners3
SOC 242Contemporary Social Problems3
SOC 301Environmental Sociology3
SOC 317Sociology of Food and Agriculture3
SW 290Human Rights and Global Justice3
UEC 221Leadership & Mentoring in Early Childhood 11
WGSS 210Contemporary Feminisms3