Knowledge Outcome 3 (K3): Humanities

K3 Courses

AIS 101Introduction to American Indian History and Cultures3
AIS 142Introduction to American Indian Literatures3
AIS 160Ojibwe Culture and History3
AIS 240American Indian History3
AIS 242The American Indian in Literature and Film3
AIS 243Introduction to Contemporary American Indian Communities3
AIS 257Tribal Nation Governments3
AIS 260Chippewa Reserved Treaty Rights3
AIS 368Studies in American Indian History3
CJ 105Communication in Contemporary Society3
CJ 207Introduction to Rhetoric and Society3
CJ 317Diversity & Communication: Organizational & Media Contexts3
ENGL 130Introduction to World/Postcolonial Literature3
ENGL 142Introduction to American Indian Literatures3
ENGL 210Introduction to Critical Studies5
ENGL 212Histories and Theories of Rhetoric3
ENGL 230Survey of World/Postcolonial Literature3
ENGL 242The American Indian in Literature and Film3
ENGL 243American Literature to 18653
ENGL 244American Literature from 1865-19453
ENGL 245American Literature Since 19453
ENGL 252Perspectives on Pre-1790 British Literature3
ENGL 257Representative Shakespeare3
ENGL 259Perspectives on British Literature After 17903
ENGL 268Survey of American Ethnic Literature3
ENGL 272Perspectives in Popular Texts3
ENGL 281Critical Perspectives on Film, Television, and Moving-Image Culture3-4
ENGL 296Perspectives on Women's Literature3
ENV 346American Environmental History3
FLG 150Foreign Civilization and Culture3
FLG 165Amish in North America3
FLTR 250Classical Mythology3
FLTR 330Chinese Culture through Films3
FLTR 360Readings in Ancient Literature3
HIST 114United States History to 18773
HIST 115United States History Since 18773
HIST 124World History to 15003
HIST 125World History Since 15003
HIST 152Modern East and Southeast Asia3
HIST 172Latin American History: Colonial to the Present3
HIST 198Doing History: Skills and Practice3
HIST 205American Women's History3
HIST 240American Indian History3
HIST 284The Nazis and Germany, 1914-19453
HIST 302Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations3
HIST 304Greek Civilization3
HIST 306Roman Civilization3
HIST 346American Environmental History3
HIST 348History of Public Health in the United States3
HIST 349The Global History of Disease3
HIST 367Historical Roots of Health Disparities in the Americas3
HIST 368Studies in American Indian History3
HIST 380Museums in the United States3
HIST 382Imperialism Since 18003
HIST 383Modern Africa3
HIST 390Local History, Global History3
HIST 392History of Antisemitism3
HMNG 130Hmong American Experiences in the U.S.3
HMNG 365Intersectionality: Critical Approaches to Identity and Injustice3
HNRS 131Honors Colloquium in Humanities3-4
HNRS 132Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 133Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Global Perspective3-4
HNRS 135Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Communication3-4
HNRS 137Honors Colloquium in Humanities and Creativity3-4
HNRS 138Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Integration3-4
HNRS 139Honors Colloquium in Humanities and Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity with Design for Diversity3-4
HNRS 331Honors Colloquium in Humanities3-4
HNRS 332Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 333Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Global Perspective3-4
HNRS 334Honors Colloquium in Humanities and Civic, Social and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 335Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Communication3-4
HNRS 337Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Creativity3-4
HNRS 338Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Integration3-4
HNRS 339Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity and Design for Diversity3-4
IDIS 200Health Humanities3
IDIS 220Introduction to Narrative Medicine3
LANG 140U.S. Multiculturalism for Non-Native Speakers3
LANG 170Language and Intercultural Competence3
LAS 172Latin American History: Colonial to the Present3
LAS 222Introduction to U.S. Latino History and Culture3
LAS 324Latinx Health and Migration to the U.S.3
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 120Ethical Reasoning3
PHIL 200What is Happiness?3
PHIL 234Classical Chinese Philosophy3
PHIL 235Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 306Ethics of Health Care3
PHIL 308Ethics in Computing and Engineering3
PHIL 310Philosophy of Law3
PHIL 320Environmental Ethics3
PHIL 331Philosophical Ethics3
PHIL 332Philosophical Perspectives on Friendship3
PHIL 334Philosophical Perspectives on Forgiveness3
PHIL 377Philosophy and Feminism3
POLS 309Classical Political Thought3
POLS 310Modern Political Thought3
POLS 312American Political Thought3
RELS 100Introduction to the Religions of the World3
RELS 110Basic Issues in Religion3
RELS 203Women and World Religions3
RELS 240New Testament3
RELS 303Early Christianity3
RELS 307Judaism3
RELS 309Islam3
RELS 312Buddhism: Past and Present3
RELS 314Hinduism3
RELS 323Chinese and Japanese Religions3
RELS 334Music in Judaism, Christianity and Islam3
RELS 342African American Religion3
RELS 348Religious Themes in Literature3
RELS 378The Holocaust, 1933-19453
RELS 390Religion in America3
WGSS 100Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
WGSS 203Women and World Religions3
WGSS 205American Women's History3
WGSS 210Contemporary Feminisms3
WGSS 215African-American Feminism in the Humanities3
WGSS 260Masculinity Studies and Feminist Theories3
WGSS 296Perspectives on Women's Literature3
WGSS 306Transgender Activism and Cultural Production3
WGSS 310Gender and Violence3
WGSS 315Women of Color Feminisms3
WGSS 317Diversity & Communication: Organizational & Media Contexts3
WGSS 345Black Feminist and Black Queer Studies3
WGSS 365Intersectionality: Critical Approaches to Identity and Injustice3
WGSS 377Philosophy and Feminism3