Knowledge Outcome 4 (K4): Fine Arts

K4 Courses

AIS 102Introduction to American Indian Expressive Cultures3
AIS 244American Indian Literature of Healing3
AIS 335Ancient Art and Architecture of Mexico and Central America3
AIS 337Art of Tawantinsuyo3
ART 105Introduction to the Visual Arts3
ART 312Design Across the Disciplines3
ARTH 109Art of the 20th Century3
ARTH 111Global Art History to 14003
ARTH 112Global Art History Since 14003
ARTH 333Themes in Contemporary Art3
ARTH 335Ancient Art and Architecture of Mexico and Central America3
ARTH 337Art of Tawantinsuyo3
ARTH 385Photography: History and Theory3
CJ 273Creative and Narrative Nonfiction3
DNCE 101Dance Appreciation3
ENGL 150Introduction to Literature3
ENGL 181Introduction to Critical Studies in Film, Television, and Moving-Image Culture3-4
ENGL 273Creative and Narrative Nonfiction3
ENGL 274The Short Story3
ENGL 275The Novel3
ENGL 276Poetry3
ENGL 277Drama3
HNRS 141Honors Colloquium in Fine Arts3-4
HNRS 142Honors Colloquium in fine Arts and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion3-4
HNRS 145Honors Colloquium in Arts with Communication3-4
HNRS 147Honors Colloquium in Fine Arts with Creativity3-4
HNRS 149Honors Colloquium in Fine Arts and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion with Design for Diversity3-4
HNRS 341Honors Colloquium in Fine Arts3-4
HNRS 342Honors Colloquium in Arts with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 345Honors Colloquium in Arts with Communication3-4
HNRS 347Honors Colloquium in Fine Arts with Creativity3-4
HNRS 348Honors Colloquium in Arts with Integration3-4
IDIS 303Understanding the Arts3
MUSI 110Music Appreciation3
MUSI 111Global Roots of Music in the United States3
MUSI 112History of Rock and Pop3
MUSI 114Evolution of Jazz3
MUSI 224Music and Gender3
MUSI 225Global Traditions in Music3
PHIL 325Aesthetics3
THEA 101Theatre Appreciation3
THEA 231Acting II3
THEA 302Theatre History to 18753
THEA 303Theatre History Since 18753
THEA 314Feminist Theatre3
THEA 318Contemporary Drama3
THEA 320American Musical Theatre3
THEA 323Historical Stage Design3
THEA 344Survey of Historical Costumes3
WGSS 224Music and Gender3
WGSS 314Feminist Theatre3