Design for Diversity

LE-DDIV Courses

AIS 101Introduction to American Indian History and Cultures3
AIS 102Introduction to American Indian Expressive Cultures3
AIS 121Beginning Ojibwe I4
AIS 142Introduction to American Indian Literatures3
AIS 240American Indian History3
AIS 242The American Indian in Literature and Film3
AIS 243Introduction to Contemporary American Indian Communities3
AIS 244American Indian Literature of Healing3
AIS 260Chippewa Reserved Treaty Rights3
AIS 322Native Geographies3
AIS 343Contemporary American Indian Communities3
AIS 368Studies in American Indian History3
ANTH 312Space, Society, Subject3
ANTH 315Language in Culture and Society3
CJ 111Gender, Race, Class, and Communication: The Social Construction of Identity3
CJ 301Intercultural Communication3
CRMJ 320Race, Crime, and Justice3
ECON 330Experiences of Minoritized Groups in U.S. Economy3
ENGL 142Introduction to American Indian Literatures3
ENGL 242The American Indian in Literature and Film3
ENGL 268Survey of American Ethnic Literature3
ENGL 296Perspectives on Women's Literature3
ES 385Social Foundations: Human Relations3
GEOG 288Cultural Landscapes of North America3
GEOG 312Space, Society, Subject3
GEOG 322Native Geographies3
GEOG 325Geography of the United States and Canada3
GEOG 444Legal Geographies of Race in the U.S.3
HIST 114United States History to 18773
HIST 115United States History Since 18773
HIST 205American Women's History3
HIST 210African American History 1865 to Present3
HIST 240American Indian History3
HIST 345Civil Rights and American Memory3
HIST 358The American West3
HIST 367Historical Roots of Health Disparities in the Americas3
HIST 368Studies in American Indian History3
HMNG 130Hmong American Experiences in the U.S.3
HNRS 129Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 139Honors Colloquium in Humanities and Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity with Design for Diversity3-4
HNRS 149Honors Colloquium in Fine Arts and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion with Design for Diversity3-4
HNRS 329Honors Colloquium in Social Science with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 339Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 359Honors Seminar in Communication with Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 392Honors Colloquium in Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity with Integration3-4
HUMS 210Voices of Color in America3
LANG 121Beginning Ojibwe I4
LANG 140U.S. Multiculturalism for Non-Native Speakers3
LANG 160Ojibwe Culture and History3
LANG 344Aadizookaanag: Ancient Ojibwe Stories3
LAS 222Introduction to U.S. Latino History and Culture3
MUSI 111Global Roots of Music in the United States3
MUSI 112History of Rock and Pop3
MUSI 114Evolution of Jazz3
MUSI 116Folk Guitar in Culture across Time3
MUSI 224Music and Gender3
NRSG 225Introduction to Public Health3
NRSG 389Cross Cultural Health3
PH 225Introduction to Public Health3
PHIL 280Philosophy of Race3
POLS 312American Political Thought3
POLS 350Group and Minority Politics3
POLS 406U.S. Constitutional Principles - Equality and Privacy3
PSYC 348Black Psychology3
RELS 100Introduction to the Religions of the World3
RELS 203Women and World Religions3
RELS 342African American Religion3
SOC 312Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.3
SOC 314Social Class and Inequality3
WGSS 100Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
WGSS 111Gender, Race, Class, and Communication: The Social Construction of Identity3
WGSS 203Women and World Religions3
WGSS 205American Women's History3
WGSS 206Perspectives in LGBTQ Studies3
WGSS 215African-American Feminism in the Humanities3
WGSS 224Music and Gender3
WGSS 296Perspectives on Women's Literature3
WGSS 306Transgender Activism and Cultural Production3
WGSS 315Women of Color Feminisms3
WGSS 345Black Feminist and Black Queer Studies3
WGSS 348Black Psychology3