Skills Outcome 1 (S1): Written and Oral Communication

S1 Non-Courses

Achieve a suitable score on the English Placement Test

UW Foreign Language placement which results in placement into 102 and 201 or higher

S1 Courses

AIS 121Beginning Ojibwe I4
AIS 122Beginning Ojibwe II4
BCOM 206Business Writing2
BCOM 207Business Presentations2
CHIN 101Beginning Chinese4
CHIN 102Beginning Chinese4
CJ 201Introduction to Interpersonal Communication3
CJ 202Fundamentals of Speech3
CJ 203Fundamentals of Human Communication3
CJ 205Listening3
CJ 307Small Group Communication3
ENGL 312Science Writing3
ENGL 313Technical Writing3
FREN 101Beginning French4
FREN 102Beginning French4
GERM 101Beginning German4
GERM 102Beginning German4
GRK 101Beginning Classical Greek4
GRK 102Beginning Classical Greek4
HMNG 101Beginning Hmong I4
HMNG 102Beginning Hmong II4
HNRS 135Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Communication3-4
HNRS 151Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 156Honors Colloquium in Communication and Creativity3-4
HNRS 158Honors Colloquium in Communication with Integration3-4
HNRS 325Honors Colloquium in Social Science with Communication3-4
HNRS 345Honors Colloquium in Arts with Communication3-4
HNRS 358Honors Colloquium in Communication with Integration3-4
JAPN 101Beginning Japanese I4
JAPN 102Beginning Japanese II4
LANG 121Beginning Ojibwe I4
LANG 122Beginning Ojibwe II4
LANG 150Professional Communication for Non-Native Speakers3
LAT 101Beginning Latin4
LAT 102Beginning Latin4
PSAS 300Introduction to Organizational Leadership and Communication3
RUSS 101Beginning Russian I4
RUSS 102Beginning Russian II4
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish I4
SPAN 102Beginning Spanish II4
WRIT 102Extended Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading & Writing 23
WRIT 114Intensive Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing5
WRIT 116Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing5
WRIT 118Accelerated Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing2
WRIT 120Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing for Transfer Students2