Service-Learning Courses

Service-Learning, Full 30 Hours
AIS 480Capstone3
AIS 498Internship1-3
ART 476Design for Community and People3
BIOL 296Student Academic Experience1-2
BIOL 329Biological Field Experiences and Service-Learning Capstone1-2
BIOL 496Student Academic Apprenticeship1-2
BIOL 498Internship in Biology1-3
CHEM 296Student Academic Apprenticeship in Chemistry1-2
CJ 427Advanced Reporting and Editing3
CJ 479Integrated Strategic Communication Management3
CJ 492Analyzing and Improving Organizational Communication3
CJ 498Internship1-3
CND 480Nursing within Systems: Analysis and Application4
CRMJ 498Criminal Justice Internship1-6
CS 321Web Design and Development3
CS 485Software Engineering II3
CSD 470Clinical Practicum in Communication Disorders I2
ECON 498Professional Internship3
ENGL 316Rhetorics of Social Justice3
ENGL 394Academic Apprenticeship in English1-3
ENGL 397Writing Center Theory & Practice3
ENGL 498Internship in Writing1-3
ENPH 435Practicum in Environmental Public Health3
ES 385Social Foundations: Human Relations3
HCAD 400Administrative Residency I3
HCAD 401Administrative Residency II6
HCAD 402Administrative Residency III6
HCAD 404Quality Management Applications in Health Care1
HIST 397Student Academic Apprenticeship in History1-3
HIST 486Seminar in Public History3
HIST 498Internship1-3
HNRS 410Mentoring in Honors1
HNRS 420Tutoring in Honors1
IS 220Service-Learning in Information Systems1
KINS 466Community Fitness Programming3
KINS 484Adapted Physical Activity3
KINS 498Exercise Science Internship6
MGMT 210Service-Learning in Management1
MKTG 210Service-Learning in Marketing1
MUSI 233Dance and Relaxation Neuromedical Applications3
MUSI 478Directing Practicum - Cabaret Productions1
MUSI 498Music Internship1-3
NRSG 428Practicum: Nursing Leadership I3
NRSG 450Health Care in Rural Areas3
POLS 397Student Academic Apprenticeship in Political Science1-6
POLS 498Internship1-6
PSYC 385Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis3
PSYC 480Internship in Behavior Analysis3-6
PSYC 481Internship in Applied Behavior Analysis II3-6
SEIP 404Pre-Student Teaching Experience with Individuals with Disabilities3
SOC 498Sociology Internship1-6
SW 290Human Rights and Global Justice3
SW 481Social Work Internship6-12
SW 482Social Work Internship - International12
THEA 498Theatre Arts Internship1-3
UEC 221Leadership & Mentoring in Early Childhood 11
Service-Learning, Half 15 Hours
BIOL 183Ecology of Sustainable Food Systems3
BIOL 328Conservation Biology4
CJ 351Strategic Event Planning3
ENV 310Sustainable Cities3
ENV 330Waste & Society: Energy, Food, and Efficiency3
FIN 210Service-Learning in Finance1
FIN 310Financial Literacy Program1
FIN 410Advanced Financial Literacy Program1
HIST 386Introduction to Public History3
HIST 494Teaching by Doing History3
MUSI 133The Healing Art of Music3
NRSG 333Wellness in the Work World3
PHIL 498Internship in Philosophy1-3
PSYC 353Health Psychology3
Service-Learning Optional
BIOL 181Environmental Biology and Conservation Lab1
BSAD 398Internship Program I1-3
BSAD 498Internship Program II1-3
CJ 459Communication Research Seminar3
CS 490Computer Science Practicum3
CS 498Computer Science Internship1-6
ENV 389Taking the Measure of Sustainability3
FLG 375Internship Experience3-6
GEOG 498Geography Internship1-3
HIST 399Independent Study - Juniors1-3
HIST 489Research Seminar3
HIST 499Independent Study - Seniors1-3
IDIS 230Experiential Internship1-3
INTS 498International Education Internship1-6
INTX 436UPAEP, Puebla, Mexico12-18
MATH 498Mathematics Internship1-3
MGMT 398Internship Program I1-3
MGMT 414Small Business Consulting3
MGMT 481Community Leadership2
MGMT 498Internship Program II1-3
MKTG 332Integrated Marketing Communications3
MKTG 334Marketing Research3
MKTG 398Internship Program I1-3
MKTG 498Internship Program II1-3
OSCM 398Internship Program I1-3
OSCM 498Internship Program II1-3
POLS 341Political Parties, Elections, and Voting3
PSYC 498Internship1-3
Service-Learning Optional Half
BIOL 390Biological Immersion Experience1-4
GEOL 390Geologic Immersion Experience1-4
LAS 390International Immersion Experience1-3
PHIL 397Student Academic Apprenticeship in Philosophy1-3
RELS 397Student Academic Apprenticeship in Religious Studies1-3
RELS 498Internship in Religious Studies1-3
Service-Learning Variable
HNRS 118Honors Colloquium in Natural Science with Integration3-4
HNRS 121Honors Colloquium in Social Science3-4
HNRS 123Honors Colloquium in Social Science and Global Perspectives3-4
HNRS 124Honors Colloquium in Social Science and Civic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 125Honors Colloquium in Social Science and Communication3-4
HNRS 128Honors Colloquium in Social Science with Integrated Learning3-4
HNRS 129Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 131Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 133Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Global Perspective3-4
HNRS 137Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 138Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 139Honors Colloquium in Humanities and Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity with Design for Diversity3-4
HNRS 141Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 142Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 145Honors Colloquium in Arts with Communication3-4
HNRS 147Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 149Honors Colloquium in Fine Arts and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion with Design for Diversity3-4
HNRS 151Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 152Honors Colloquium in Communication with Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 158Honors Colloquium in Communication with Integration3-4
HNRS 171Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 172Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 178Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 187Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 188Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 189Honors Colloquium in Civic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 190Honors Colloquium in Civic, Social and Environmental Responsibility with Integration3-4
HNRS 191Honors Colloquium in Integrated Learning3-4
HNRS 300Honors Colloquium1-4
HNRS 313Honors Colloquium in Natural Science and Global Perspectives3-4
HNRS 324Honors Colloquium in Social Science with Civic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 325Honors Colloquium in Social Science with Communication3-4
HNRS 328Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 329Honors Colloquium in Social Science with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 331Upper-level Honors Colloquium in Humanities3-4
HNRS 332Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 334Honors Colloquium in Humanities and Civic, Social and Environmental Responsibility3-4
HNRS 335Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Communication3-4
HNRS 337Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Creativity3-4
HNRS 339Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 342Honors Colloquium in Arts with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 347Honors Colloquium in Fine Arts with Creativity3-4
HNRS 353Honors Colloquium in Communication with Global Perspectives3-4
HNRS 358Honors Colloquium in Communication with Integration3-4
HNRS 359Honors Seminar in Communication with Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity3-4
HNRS 371Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 372Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 378Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 381Honors Colloquium1-4
HNRS 387Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 389Honors Colloquium3-4
HNRS 392Honors Colloquium in Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity with Integration3-4
WGSS 498Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Internship1-3